Potential Analyses

Potential Analyses – the key to efficiency

Spotting weaknesses and unleashing potentials

The success of any business relies on the strengths and weaknesses in the competitive environment. By comprehensively analysing the potential, the strategic success factors are worked out and weaknesses are uncovered and eliminated. This allows the identification of optimisation opportunities, and their targeted implementation can ensure operational efficiency. In the day-to-day operations, however, there is often a risk that due to limited personnel resources and restricted methodological knowledge, only certain, unprofitable processes are considered in the potential analysis. This leads to an incomplete overall picture and a limited view of previously undiscovered optimisation opportunities in the company.


From potential analysis to concrete measures

IPIC Austria relies on comprehensive consulting to conduct detailed analyses and develop specific improvement suggestions in the areas of production, warehousing, material flow and procurement. Our analysis covers internal and external planning processes, capacity planning, processes at bottlenecked facilities, employee activities, material flow, setup times, facility utilisation and more. By identifying efficiency improvements, significant cost savings of 10% - 30% can be realised. Our consultants proceed with the consultation only when such savings are realistic. Otherwise, we communicate this transparently and conclude the consultation.



How do our potential analyses work?

The potential analysis is an instrument of strategic corporate management and can be used in various business areas such as production, procurement, sales, personnel, or administration. Often, readily available data, information, or internal estimates are sufficient for the analysis and evaluation, without the need for “hard” numbers like financial or costing data.

The implementation follows these steps:

  1. Planning and preparation of the analysis
  2. Selection of the area to be analysed
  3. Definition of the evaluation criteria
  4. Selection of suitable competitors
  5. Step-by-step analysis and evaluation of the criteria
  6. Documentation and justification of the results
  7. Development of measures and strategies to exploit the potentials

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