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Regardless of your position regarding Lean Principles, the crucial question is: How effective are we in Lean?
With a growing demand for objective assessments of Lean Methodologies, a Lean Audit provides the assurance that your company is taking the right steps towards Lean Excellence.

IPIC Austria offers highly customisable Lean Audits based on the 6 success factors of Lean Management. Our method of process optimisation also takes your specific requirements into account. With personal interviews, document examination, and on-site analyses, we ensure a comprehensive and objective evaluation of your company. Whether targeted improvements in one specific area or company-wide optimisation – our Lean Audits align precisely with your goals and provide the necessary support to achieve the desired outcomes.

Regularly conducting a Lean Audit is crucial for companies aiming to enhance efficiency and ensure sustainable success. This systematic review process serves to assess the application of Lean Principles, identify potential areas for improvement, and ensure that corporate objectives align with Lean Principles. Consistent Lean Audits not only yield short-term efficiency gains but also secure long-term prospects for success and continuous optimisation of business processes.

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