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Lean Administration

In the indirect areas of companies, organisations and public administrations, the issue of open and hidden waste has not yet been tackled to the same extent as in production. Here, labour productivity is usually around 50%. This is due to various factors such as unclear processes, opaque responsibilities, superfluous emails, and ineffective meetings.

Proven production methods cannot be directly applied to administrative processes since qualitative information is processed here, not quantities.

Lean Administration does not just mean tidy desks but, above all, flexible processes with short lead times and defined interfaces. This leads to more reliability, greater adherence to deadlines and a culture of error management. Mistakes are viewed as opportunities for improvement, ensuring optimisation steps are sustained. This results in faster processing at lower costs and error-free results, making quality improvements visible to customers and strengthening customer loyalty.

Our Lean Consultants are familiar with the challenges in administrative processes. They know which methods to use to identify and leverage potential for value creation. A free and non-binding initial consultation is recommended in any case.

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