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Methods-Time Measurement

At IPIC AG, we employ a comprehensive and proven approach to optimising work processes. In addition to the established REFA method, we also embrace Methods-Time Mesearument (MTM) to ensure a holistic and precise analysis for our clients.

Why MTM alongside REFA?

1. Precision-Motion Analysis: MTM allows for a detailed breakdown of work processes down to the smallest motion level, providing precise insights into the work process which in turn lead to targeted optimisations.

2. International comparability: MTM’S globally standardised coding allows us to create analyses that can be read and understood by professionals worldwide. This lays the foundation for consistent quality standards and comparable efforts in global corporate structures.

3. Efficiency enhancement by standardises procedures: The application of MTM enables the implementation of uniform procedures and methods, not only leading to more efficient workflow but also ensuring compliance with quality standards

4. TMU as a benchmark for precision: MTM uses the Time Measurement Unit (TMU) as a time unit, resulting in extremely precise time recordings. With 1 TMU equivalent to 0.036 seconds, we provide a highly accurate foundation for our analyses.

AT IPIC, our experts combine the strengths of MTM and REFA to develop tailor-made solutions to your requirements. The integrative approach allows us not only to optimise movements but also to consider organisational aspects, ensuring a comprehensive improvement in your work processes. Put your trust into the experience and expertise of IPIC to make your business operations more efficient and productive.

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