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"Effective time recording and tracking with Time Solutions"
Our Time Solutions offer customised solutions for modern businesses that require accurate and effective time recording and tracking. We present two powerful software systems that increase operational efficiency and pave the way to a more productive working environment.

ProductionTime Tracker:
Our "ProductionTime Tracker" software optimises time recording in manufacturing. The tablet-based system enables employees to record working times and activities directly on the production floor. With an intuitive user interface, time tracking becomes a breeze, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis. Purchase licences for your team and manage production time effortlessly.

Our "MultiMomentTracker" expands the possibilities of time recording to include activity sampling and its analyses. Independent of sales, project management or other functional areas, the MultiMomentTracker enables the precise recording and analysis of activity sampling. As time capture solutions, both systems offer you the opportunity to precisely record and analyse time data. Improve efficiency, increase productivity and maintain an overview of resource utilisation in your company.

Time Capture Solutions

Your way to efficient time recording and tracking


ProductionTIME Tracker

ProductionTIMETracker ProductionTIMETracker - your solution for precise time recording according to the proven REFA method. This Windows tablet-based software has been specially developed to make time studies effortless and easy to use. With the stored logic, which corresponds to the REFA methodology, you can carry out a theoretically unlimited number of time measurements, even for multi-station and group work.

The software offers the following features:

  • Execution of time recordings, process studies and allowance time studies
  • Support for cyclical and non-cyclical sequences
  • Option of linking several studies for joint evaluation
  • High revision security thanks to data logging
  • Export functions in standard formats
  • Import of process sections
  • Time band evaluation

Optimise your time studies and work processes with ProductionTIMETracker and gain valuable insights to increase your efficiency.

MultiMOMENT Tracker

MultiMomentTracker - your solution for planning, carrying out and analysing activity samplings. This software offers you the opportunity to obtain a realistic picture of the utilisation of employees and machines and to identify waste.

With the results of the activity samplings, you can make informed decisions to optimise your work processes. This versatile software can be used in various industries and service sectors to gain valuable data:

  • Record the usage and utilisation of workstations and systems over a period of time.
  • Identify disruptions and waste in your processes.
  • Understand the distribution and proportion of tasks.
  • Determine distribution time allowances and resource utilisation.

A major advantage of activity sampling is its efficiency. They require careful preparation, but comparatively little effort, as the observer is not constantly time-bound. You can determine the accuracy of the statement, the number of notes required, the duration and the effort required to carry it out in advance.

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